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Calculate cash on cash return and gross rental yield

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If you want to buy a property, it would be nice to know if it is a good or bad investment. But how can we find out and calculate the return on a property, the cash on cash return and gross rental yield? There are some tools that I created that help you to do this. If you want to know more, just read on.


Buy or rent – What is the right choice?

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Buy or rent of real estate? You will have to ask yourself this question not just once in your life. But how do you find out which is the right choice? What suits your life better? You can find out more in the article.

Calculate interest-compound-interest

Compound Interest – How to use the Effect Correctly

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Compound interest has a very big impact on capital accumulation. But what is it exactly and how is it different from simple interest? How do I make the best use of compound interest and how does it help me to increase my assets?