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Why do you need FIXXFIN?

Learn more in this article.

Achieve your financial goals

Every person has different goals and dreams in life. Get clear about what is really important to you and realize as many of them as possible. FIXXFIN will support you.

Early Retirement
2 Million Dollar
Own House
Financial Security
Work Less

Determine your current net worth

Get an overview of your current assets with all your investments, debts, real estate and so on. Enter your data and the software calculates how much money you have already saved.

Real Estate

What are all your properties worth at this point in time?

Retirement Plan 401 (k)

Determine the value now and at payoff

Your Investments

How much have you already saved and in what asset classes?


If you have debts, they will be deducted from your investments.

Income and Expenses

Use FIXXFIN to record all your income and expenses. But you are not limited to the present moment. Plan your future and see how your assets change.



Real Estate - Purchase, Sale, Rental

Here, too, you have a lot of input options. Manage your existing properties or plan the purchase of a new property. Consider taxes or sell your real estate at any time.

Your Investments

You can enter various financial investments, a financial cushion and, if applicable, debts. Then determine individually how these should develop and plan your future.

Setting options

More options

401(k) and Social Security Benefits

Enter all your data for your 401(k) and select, for example, whether the payment should be made as a lump sum or monthly. You can also determine the expected social security benefits, by taking into account the rise in benefits.


Social Security Benefits


After you have entered all the current data, the next step is to find out which dreams and wishes you can fulfill. For this you can add special expenses (house, boat, etc.) or see if you can retire earlier.


Set your financial goal

Own house, Travel the world, Financial security, Work less, Two million Dollar, Early retirement, ...


See if it works already

Enter your data into the software and see if your money is already enough to reach your financial goal.


If it is already feasible, then dare the next dream

Then you are in the lucky situation to fulfill your dreams and wishes. Think about what else is important to you in life.


If it's not feasible yet, see what you can do

Check your expenses; see if your money is well spent; maybe you don't earn enough and due should change jobs, etc.


Repeat the process until you are happy

You will see that often just 1-2% more return on your investments or reducing your expenses on rent or other things can make a big difference.

Further features of FIXXFIN

In addition to the options presented above, I would like to tell you about other features that make the program an indispensable tool for your financial planning.

Clearly arranged graphics

Individually adjustable graphics and many predefined diagrams; periods and values to be displayed freely definable

Assistance with data entry

For almost every field there is a short description and for more complicated things there is a detailed help.


For example, you can take inflation into account with 2-3%, or you can determine the value individually.


Consider your individual tax rate for certain income

Budget Book

For recording your income and expenses - In addition calculated income in the future such as dividends, etc.

Start planning your life right now

Don’t waste time, because every minute is precious.