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Your financial planner

Start organizing your finances today.

Set your financial goals

Own House
A house with a garden near the mountains or by the sea.
Less Work
Take more time for friends, family and your health.
1 Million Dollar
Invest smart and generate more than a million in assets.
Financial Security
Build a financial buffer so you can sleep more peacefully.
World Trip
Buy time for a trip around the world with a financial cushion.
Early Retirement
Save up a lot of assets so you can retire earlier.

Achieve your goals with FIXXFIN

More features

Budget Book

Determine your income and expenses and identify potential savings and increase your savings rate.

401(k) & Social Security Benefits

Enter all necessary data, simulate and see how much pension you can expect.

Various financial investments

Simulate your future with up to 6 financial assets, a financial cushion and debts if necessary.

Real Estate

The software is suitable for calculating property purchases, sales and rentals.

Annual cash inflows and outflows

Adjust your income and expenses for any year in the future, simulating different scenarios.

Other income and expenses

Record for example: family home, vacation home, boat, world trip, inheritance, gift, ...

Simulate various scenarios

Really simulate all the scenarios you can think of, and do it all graphically.

Achieve your goals and desires

With FIXXFIN you have it in your own hands to fulfill your dreams and live the way you always imagined!

What do our customers say?

Thanks to this program, I have realized that I am much closer to early retirement than I thought.


We are just starting our career, but we are very happy that we found FIXXFIN. Now we have the perfect tool for our life planning.

Samantha & Marc

With the help of this program, we realized that we can afford our dream house with few limitations. We are super happy.

Sandra & Michael
Family with 1 child

Through FIXXFIN we have learned to save more and thus invest more money. This has enabled us to significantly reduce our working hours. But this is only the beginning!

Pam & Rick
Family with 2 children

special discount

for private use only
financial life planning
Balance of Assets
Individual scenarios
Achieve your dreams
for private use only
financial life planning
Balance of Assets
Individual scenarios
Achieve your dreams
Updates for 2 years
for private use only
All features of Basic
Updates for 2 years
2 hours private coaching

If you want to use this software for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

If you are dissatisfied with the product, we guarantee the following. Within 60 days after purchase you will get your money back 100%.

Currently, there is no tool with which you can make a complete financial life planning. Only FIXXFIN offers you the possibility to do all calculations, variants, scenarios etc. with one software.

No. Since you run and save the software on your computer, your data stays with you and is not shared.

The software has been programmed to work with the current popular versions of Microsoft Excel 2015, 2019, 2021 and of course Microsoft 365. We have not tested older versions and therefore cannot guarantee that the software will work properly.

No. You can use the software without any previous knowledge. The software does not feel like Excel at all, but like a program of its own. Most input fields have a help function and if something should be unclear, then you can look at the tutorial.

You get updates for 2 years.

Annual adjustments of tax data, pension data, and so on are implemented. In addition, the program is developed further, according to the feedback of my customers.

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