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Morning routine – How to always start the day well

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My life has changed fundamentally with this morning routine. I start the day well, am focused, balanced and reduce my stress level. How my morning routine looks like and how you can develop your own routine, I will explain to you in this article.

Why is a morning routine useful?

For many, a morning looks like this. After the alarm clock has rung three times, we drag ourselves into the kitchen, turn on the coffee machine, take a shower, have a quick breakfast, and then it’s off to work. Is this what a good start to the day looks like? How can a morning routine positively influence my well-being?

We learn from our parents, relatives, school, etc. what a morning can look like and then adapt it a little to our needs. But isn’t there perhaps something much better? I’ve been experimenting for a long time and reading a lot about it to develop an optimal morning routine for me. Changing the morning routine takes a lot of energy and willpower, but after a few weeks of overcoming it becomes the norm and the positive effect remains. So consistency pays off.

morning routine

That’s how I start the day!

A good start to the morning begins the night before! Before I fall asleep I try to imagine how my perfect day/morning looks like. I try to fall asleep with these joyful thoughts and then wake up fresher and happier. In addition, I try to get up right after the first ring of the alarm clock without pressing the snooze button 2-5 times. After a certain time, the days on which I wake up a few minutes before the alarm clock, are now accumulating.

Here’s what I do after I get up:

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Wash face/eyes with cold water
  3. Put on sports clothes (prepare the day before)
  4. Start the day offline

This is my morning routine

Now that I am prepared to start the day well, I can start my morning routine. I started with about 30 minutes a day and now my morning routine lasts about 60 to 90 minutes. I notice the positive effect and I don’t want to miss the morning routine anymore. Even on vacation and on weekends I do my ritual in a slightly averted form and so I start each day well. Since a different morning routine may make sense for you, you have to try it out. Then you will find out what suits you. Start first thing tomorrow morning!


1) Yoga – about 20-60 minutes

Yoga has many positive effects on physical and mental health. It helps me in the morning, when I am stiff to become mobile again and to get my circulation going. There are many types of yoga and you have to find out for yourself what suits you. I have been doing yoga for several years and know what to look for in each posture/asana. I would definitely recommend that you take a class first, as there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the postures and a lot of things you can do wrong. Less is more!

2) Meditation – about 10-20 minutes

The goal of meditation is complete awareness and mindfulness in the here and now, without concrete thoughts.On the way there are various steps and concentration techniques that help us to bring the mind to silence. When the mind is completely focused, we come to the state of complete stillness of thought – complete awareness without a concrete thought. Then we rest in our true being, experience happiness and inner peace. You can find instructions here.

3) Journaling – approx. 5-10 minutes

Writing a diary has been proven to have a positive effect on health. It helps you to get rid of frustration, to cope with worries and to strengthen your immune system. To do this, it is important to write down the most important events. Write down both the positive and negative events. Allow yourself time to reflect in order to get the maximum benefit from it. On the one hand, this will help you deal with your frustration by letting off pressure as you write things down. On the other hand, you will become more optimistic and in a better mood by writing down positive events. Take your time, it’s worth it!

4) Read positive affirmations aloud- approx. 1-2 minutes.

What are affirmations? Positive affirmations are wishes or dreams. When we think about something positive, such as the planned vacation at the seaside in Italy, our mood lifts. We can use this effect also for other areas of our life, be it health, success, self-confidence, money, friendships etc. To do this, I write down positive affirmations that are important to me right now and read them out loud every morning. Some examples might be:

  • Before I am 45 years old, I own a fortune of 1 million dollars.
  • I have the stamina to achieve my goals.
  • My time is valuable.
  • I pursue an activity that fulfills me completely.
  • Love and harmony fill my life.
  • I notice the signals of my body and recognize what is good for me.

5) Visualize my goals with a vision board – 1-2 minutes.

A vision board or dream board is a collage of images, affirmations of one’s dreams and desires. This is a source of inspiration and motivation. Through visualizations we achieve our goals easier and faster. The subconscious mind supports us in achieving our goals. Here you can learn how to easily create a digital vision board.

6) Keeping a calendar – 5-10 minutes

If you invest a few minutes a day to plan your day and your tasks, you will achieve more and at the same time invest less time. A schedule helps you focus on the essential goal and not get distracted. With a well-managed calendar and discipline, you will get more done while being more focused and relaxed. It is also important to take on the most important/hardest task first and not push it to the back. When that is done, you feel more satisfied.


If you want to start your day well, be focused, and also be balanced and do your tasks with less stress, then I definitely recommend developing a morning routine. Because the following steps do me good, I don’t want to miss them anymore: Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Affirmationen, Vision Board und Calender.

In addition, it might be useful to integrate the following elements if they are a better fit.

  • any kind of sport (running, workout, etc.)
  • start your day offline (I do that too)
  • morning walk
  • read a few pages in a book

You need to determine for yourself what does you good. Develop your own morning routine and start with it tomorrow. I can recommend the following book if you want to learn more about this topic.

Book recommendation

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