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Joie de vivre – 24 tips for more joy of life!

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As a baby, we all had an infinite amount of joie de vivre in our lives. But very often the joy is lost at some point as we grow older. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are very simple ways for you to find joie de vivre again and I would like to introduce to some of them.

What is Joie de vivre?

What gives us Joie de vivre or happiness? We associate this with positive aspects in our lives, such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity
  • Luck
  • Vitality
  • Optimism

The joy of life is perishable and must be nurtured. Otherwise it will unfortunately be lost. Why this is so? It has not been scientifically proven. But it is certainly related to the life situation of each individual. “Everyone is the architect of his own happiness” and therefore it is possible for everyone to have more joie de vivre.

My tips

Often the little things are that give us joy of life. They have a positive effect on their mood, such as:

  • Music
  • Laughing
  • Compliments
  • Good conversations
  • Friendship
  • Sunbeams
  • Snowfall
  • Success

1. Set goals

Set yourself short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. This has a motivating effect and can give you energy. These goals do not have to be too big, even small things like regular exercise can be very beneficial. In addition, these small goals are also quickly implemented and quickly give you a sense of achievement and thus joie de vivre and happiness.

2. Laughing

By smiling, happiness hormones are released in your body and therefore it has a positive effect on your joy of life. Smile for yourself and for others. If you smile at other people usually they smile back. So they help not only yourself, but the people around you.

3. Morning routine

If you want to get a good start to the day and be focused while doing so, plus be balanced and less stressed about your tasks, then I highly recommend developing a morning routine. Mine consists of the following: Yoga, meditating, journaling, reading affirmations, working with my vision board, and keeping an appointment calendar.

4. Help other people

Often it is good to focus on the problems and fears of others in order to increase your joie de vivre. By not only focusing on yourself and helping other people to make their lives better, you often realize that others also have problems and worries. These are often much bigger than your own. Offer your help and you will be thanked. This can increase your joy of life immensely.

5. Exercise

When you improve your own performance in sports, it has a very positive effect on your body. Sport has an antidepressant effect on your mind and at the same time you do something for your fitness. Set yourself new challenges and strengthen your self-confidence. By achieving these small goals, you can have more joie de vivre.

6. Nature

Go outside regularly and enjoy the fresh air for more joie de vivre. You don’t have to train for a marathon, but by being in nature, your cells are supplied with fresh oxygen. Your head will be free and you will move your body. Do what is good for you personally, like walking in the forest or exploring your neighborhood by bike.

7. Be thankful

Someone who is grateful does not feel so much anger or resentment. The one who feels gratitude has less complaints and at the same time more joie de vivre and is more optimistic. This is well known today and therefore a gratitude diary is becoming more and more popular to have more joy of life.

8. Take time for yourself

Often at the end of the day there is no time left for ourselves. We are too busy with work, family, meeting friends, going out and so on. We often forget that it is also very important to have time for yourself. A good way to solve the problem is adding the time for yourself to your schedule for wellness, a walk, to read a book or take a bath. Enjoy these moments and do not skip them.

9. Recognize successes

Most of the time, we are not even aware of what we have accomplished throughout the day. Only when you become aware of your successes, no matter how big they were, can we recognize them. Therefore, it can be helpful to sit down in the evening and note the successes of the day. You can do this easily in your diary. Some have a special section for it or you just add it manually.

10. Be intentionally unavailable

Don’t be distracted by your cell phone all the time. You don’t have to be constantly available. Intentionally turn off your cell phone for a while to focus on your work, your family or yourself. This constant distraction is unhealthy and can lead to negative stress. Therefore, consciously turn off your phone and enjoy the moment for more joie de vivre.

11. Indulge yourself

Often small things, that do not cost a fortune, bring a lot of joie de vivre. Try not only to save, but also to spend money consciously on things that bring you joy of life. For you to find a good middle way, how often and how much to treat yourself, an account system can help you.

12. Self-knowledge

By learning what is important to you, you can easily regain more joie de vivre. Introspect and find out what you like to do and not what others expect from you. What is fun for you? What offers you balance? Where can you reduce stress? What is good for you and where can you relax?

13. Stop worrying

If you have fears and worries, you must first think about them logically. Gather all the facts and write them down. Weigh them carefully and then make a decision. Then, when you have made a well-considered decision, act on it immediately. Do not brood over the outcome.

14. Positive environment

Create a positive environment with good friends. At the moment you surely have some with whom you do not feel so well or are tense. Try to stay away from them if you want to have more joy of life in the long run. Choose your environment wisely and you will benefit from it.

15. Self-esteem

If you do not value yourself, your joie de vivre and your confidence will automatically decrease. Try to be aware of all the good qualities you possess. Lower your own expectations and be satisfied with what you have accomplished. Concentrate on the things you are good at and enjoy them.

16. Music

Listening to your favorite type of music can have a very positive effect on you in a very short time. We start dancing, nodding our heads or singing. This is often accompanied by a smile and we already know that this is good for our mood.

17. Stay interested

Another important component for more joie de vivre can be curiosity. Develop yourself constantly and try out new things again and again. This way you will always have a task and maybe discover something along the way that gives you endless joy of life. It is good for your mind and at the same time you train your gray cells.

18. Resolve conflicts

Every conflict, every disagreement and every dispute that has not yet been resolved weighs on you. Since we all actually like to have harmonious relationships, our joy of life is very much affected by this. Even if you think you are right, you should make the first move. This will make you and the other person feel much better.

19. Rituals

Establish rituals in you life, because they give you stability. Order and structure gives you security. This can be small things such as a daily bath or a morning routine. You can practice these routines alone but also together with your family. For example, talking over dinner about how everyone’s day was.

20. Clean up!

Try to banish everything negative from your life to increase your joie de vivre. Clean out your apartment. Stop doing things that do not bring you forward, such as pointless mobile games. Try to banish everything negative from your environment. Concentrate only on the positive things and you will see how good it does you.

21. Have friends

Once you are among good friends, you will automatically feel good. Don’t isolate yourself at home. Instead, go out and meet your friends. You can talk about your problems, worries or anything else with them. Often these problems will be solved just by talking to someone and you will easily recover your joy of life.

22. Manage your energy

Every person is different and one person might have more or less power than the other. We often try to imitate our role models, overexert ourselves and don’t want to admit to ourselves that we actually don’t have any strength left. Our to-do list has not yet been worked through, however. You have to learn to listen to your body and allow yourself breaks and relaxation for more joie de vivre.

23. Live here and now

Your life is happening only at this moment and not an hour ago or a week from now. There is no point in worrying about what would have, would be, or what if, because you can’t change the past. Likewise, there is no point in thinking too much about your future. Focus on this moment, because you can change it and make it so that you have joie de vivre. Try it!

24. Think positive

Another way to have more happiness in your life is to think positively. Often we are not satisfied with ourselves or the world and thus caught in a negative thought carousel. Free yourself from this by becoming aware of it and trying to formulate your thoughts positively. If you think positively, your life will also become more positive.



You have it in your own hands to shape your life the way you want it. It is your decision how you shape it and your own responsibility. Do not be afraid of it! For more joie de vivre you have to do something yourself, but it pays off.

You can lay the foundations for more enthusiasm, happiness and cheerfulness in your life. However, you do not benefit from this alone. With your positive attitude, you can also positively influence other people.

Pay attention to your feelings and I wish you success and that you have fun on your way!

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